Adriano Rossetti-Bonell is a great performer, arranger, fixer and band leader. His principle instrument is saxophone but he can turn his hand to flute and clarinet. He performs with live bands (Steel Pan FusionAtlantic Soul Orchestra, The Pianoworks house band) artists and DJs at venues around the country. He plays regularly at the Pianoworks, Blues Kitchen, Jazz Cafe, Studio 88 &  The Toy Shop. Adriano knows when to blend in as a side man and when to be a front man. His easy going and unforced personality excites audiences and helps create a positive atmosphere. 

Adriano's most recent sax and flute playing can be heard on Steel Pan Fusion's debut album Melting Pot released in 2017, and house music legend Kathy Brown's 2016 release Baddest Bitch