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On being a musician

Have you done your practice today? 

If you have, that’s great, now do some more. 

Practice can mean many things: Physically playing and practicing your instrument; creating and composing with others or by yourself; listening to music;  improving all technical aspects  of your musicianship: ear training, rhythm, technique, tone, improvisation, harmony, sight reading, intonation. Rhythm, have I said that already? Timing in my humble opinion is the most important thing ever... some people call this feel. Use a metronome when practicing, halve the clicks if what you’re working on is faster than 80bpm. 

Keep your ears open  for music you haven’t heard before. Go out and meet other creatives and lastly always be thankful that you can play, have access to an instrument, a place to practice in and the time to do it in.   

I’m now off to work on some music.


 Video shoot with Steel Pan Fsion

Video shoot with Steel Pan Fsion

Improvisation on the clave

It's great to practice and  play with a metronome, it's also great to practice and play with a clave pattern. A lot of music has the clave running through it's core. I find practicing scales, arpeggios and ideas to a clave really helps with timing and feel. Click on the title or here to listen and see the video.